Why aren’t there more books with mature characters? Not just the token grandmother, but main characters, heros, if you will, who are retired. Most bestsellers have young people as their main characters. Now, that isn’t too surprising if you’re writing about Jason Bourne. To do what he does, you need to be young and in superb physical condition. But not all stories are about secret agents/assassins.

No matter what your age, you still face the same challenges as your younger counterparts. Love, family, money, health, fulfillment: these subjects are not the exclusive property of people under 40, but with few exceptions, books and movies have you thinking life ends at retirement. One exception I particularly enjoyed was Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, both the movie and book. Most of the characters were seniors, and it was delightful to see them facing and overcoming problems with ingenuity, humor and courage.

One of the most frequent comments my readers make about Autumn In The Desert is that they are thrilled to finally see characters their own age who aren’t stereotypes. I believe there is a huge untapped pool of readers out there who would love to see more books written about seniors, that reflect the truth that age does not automatically put one beyond romance or a desire to live a happy, fulfilled life. The problems we face as mature adults have interesting twists to them, and I like reading and writing about them.

What’s your age group? Do you enjoy movies and books with seniors in key roles? Please comment below. I’d love to hear what you think.

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