2 Projects Under Way

Late in 2020, my husband Nigel and I decided rather suddenly to move across country. The year 2021 was spent finding our dream home, moving in and getting settled in a new environment. By December, I got back to my writing projects…finally.

Now that I am back to writing, I have turned from Women’s Fiction to Science Fiction for a number of reasons. I loved writing the Autumn in the Desert series, but as a self-published author, I found it difficult to reach my market, since my series wasn’t a perfect fit for established genres.

So with regret, I ended that series and determined I would write something for which I could hope to easily reach prospective readers. I grew up devouring science fiction, so that seemed a natural choice, as science fiction is a popular and established genre.

Surprise: Through the Wormhole

Science fiction has changed over the years. Now there are so many subgenres, it could make your head spin just reading the list. I found myself having to use the internet to search for definitions of some subgenres to make sure I understood them. I discovered that the new series I am contemplating falls into the category of science fantasy, more or less.

I’ve always loved how Michael Crichton told stories showing that science can’t predict everything, that we always have much to learn, and what we don’t know can create real problems, especially if greed or ego get in the way.

My story will feature this theme in a big way. Because when we take what we think we know scientifically and try to apply it in situations where we are really in over our heads, surprises happen. Some of them are unpleasant, but others can be magical.

When a wormhole opens near our solar system and unmanned flights show an earthlike planet on the other side, it seems like the answer to several prayers to those in power on Earth.

But there are many surprises in store. The wormhole is unstable. The planet is indeed inhabited by intelligent life in spite of what the drones report. And the warp speed of developing a terraforming system means that there are too many assumptions that will eventually prove false, some with unusual consequences, some perhaps devastating. 

Eridu: Playing God

My other project is a science fiction story that is more like a re-interpretation of ancient and modern Earth history that introduces aliens into the picture. I foresee a potential for two books in this series.

The first book is loosely based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin, who studied ancient Sumer and came to the conclusion that ancient aliens visited earth and meddled with native species. He did scholarly research that gave support to his theory that ancient creation stories, such as the one in the Bible, are based to some extent on actual historical events.

Book 2 is set in present time and tells the story of the return of the aliens and how they now involve themselves in human society for their own purposes, while keeping their presence largely a secret.

What happens in a primitive society when technologically advanced alien humanoids appear? How are they perceived by simpler humanoids if their lifespan is much longer and they seem to have magical powers? Do they appear to be gods? And what happens if they depart completely after a thousand years of shaping human culture, leaving only stories behind?

The planet Nibiru has a long and eccentric orbit around Sol, and doesn’t approach Eridu but every several thousand years for a period of time. This series shows the impact of aliens on the native humanoids and how their meddling creates a whole new path for not only the human natives, but their planet as a whole.



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