Coming in 2021, I will publish my first science fiction book, which tells the story of an extraterrestrial race who arrive on a blue planet to mine precious metals and end up staying a very long time. Due to problems with mineral extraction and the necessity to avoid damaging the ecosystem in order to be in accord with the license they have from the Galactic Council, the extraterrestrials end up being pressured to find creative ways to solve their manpower and food supply challenges. Genetic engineering of an indigenous species becomes the solution to both, with unexpected consequences.

Based on legend, myth and historical documents, as well as my knowledge of evolutionary biology, this story will stimulate new thinking about the origins of Homo sapiens. To get advanced notice of any new releases, be sure to Follow me on Amazon and/or Bookbub. Also, become a member (for free) at our publishing site, Sixth Sense Books, to hear about new releases and sales. Use the links on the Home page.

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