I love to read, always have. I am sure my love of reading is part of the reason I love to write. Reading stories was a great escape for me as a kid and a way to entertain myself that cost no money. I have continued to be an avid reader throughout the years. I read both fiction and nonfiction, and I enjoy reading most genres. I am always thrilled when I find a new author I like who has written a ton of books. I gobble up every one of them. Heaven!

If you read many books by one author, you are going to get to know the author, because the stories an author writes come from within herself. The world she creates and the characters that populate it are all projected from the viewpoint of her experience and beliefs. I think that’s because it’s hard to write a good story using a viewpoint that is vastly different from your own.

When you read a book–like so many modern ones–that is filled with depressed, disaffected and evil people, you know that the writer sees the world that way. I personally find it hard to like books that have not one single character I can identify with (not being depressed, disaffected or evil). It’s not that I think such characters should not appear in a story; I just feel that a story is more fulfilling if it uplifts one. Even if there is only one character who strives for something better, that’s enough. But you see, that attitude is a reflection of my viewpoint and how I see the world. And technically, my viewpoint isn’t any more valid than anyone else’s. I’m the person who went to the movies to see The Deer Hunter, walked out of the theater shell-shocked afterward and went straight into a screening of Superman to get a dose of positivity. I tend to ‘pick up’ negativity and need to avoid too much exposure. I’m curious to know if my readers have similar preferences.

But getting back to how a writer’s work reflects a lot about their personality and outlook, have you noticed that to be the case? For example, can you guess about how Lee Child and Nelson DeMille feel about women and relationships by reading their works? Now that book 2 of my Autumn In The Desert series is out, I realize I populate my books with a preponderance of certain types of people. The reason for that is, all my characters eventually come from me, and they all will reflect who I am, and it’s easier for me to write what I know, as it is for all authors. Can you tell about me from reading my books? Feel free to post in the Comments below. I’ll try to be honest and reply. No nasty comments, please!

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