I Want To Inspire, Empower & Entertain You

Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I love curling up with a good book and leaving this world behind for a while. It’s a healthy form of escape, and if that’s the only reason you read my books, that’s fine. I do my best to create places you’ll want to immerse yourself in, but I also want to inspire you.

In my Autumn In The Desert series, the stories are about people choosing to follow their dreams, to listen to their hearts, to be open to being just a bit unconventional. I want to encourage you to think that no matter what your age or situation, you can have a happy ending, just like the protagonists in my books.

My science fiction isn’t too science-y, even though my education is in Biology and I spent years working as a researcher at NASA. I like to write entertaining stories that get you thinking, that are speculative and that help you look at the world in new ways.

Most of all, my writing is about people (or aliens or fantastic beings, because they are people, too). Every story I write is driven by the characters. I want my characters to be consistent, understandable and people whom you have strong feelings for. I want you to be able to identify with their situations, even if you never experienced anything like what they are going through.

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My Background Influences My Writing

I was born and raised in the Eastern U.S. I hold a B.S. and M.A. in Biology from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Among the many jobs I have had, I spent 14 years working for NASA, several years of it as an engineering technician in Nondestructive Testing of materials, space hardware and wind tunnels. The rest of the time I worked as a Senior Scientist in the Advanced Aircraft Project, helping to develop advanced polymeric materials for aerospace applications. I hold patents and awards for the work I did during my time at NASA.

My education and experience in the sciences contrast and complement the intensive study I have made in the past 20 years of metaphysical topics like dowsing, healing and energy work. Together with my husband, Nigel, I became an expert in the skill of dowsing, an intuitive method for getting answers to questions your brain cannot answer. Our specialties were dowsing for health, for environmental energies and personal growth, but we even successfully dowsed a water well in the desert once and a gold claim in British Columbia.

My Autumn In The Desert series draws heavily on my years living in a retirement community in the 1990s. I like to think I bring a combination of rationality and New Age warmth to the subject of how to deal with challenges later in life.

My Eridu story sprang from my long love of science fiction and my study of ancient earth history and extraterrestrials. My Biology training and natural tendency to speculate are given free reign in that book.

In addition to my fiction work, I am the co-author of nearly 20 nonfiction works dealing with various metaphysical topics, most of them relating to dowsing. With my husband Nigel Percy, I co-own Sixth Sense Solutions, providing training and books for people interested in developing and using their intuition to improve their lives. To see all of my books, visit Sixth Sense Books at http://sixthsensebooks.com.

I currently live in Georgia with my husband and one cat.

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